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Apex Cool Labs Presents: Palm Cooling: A Critical Tool in Firefighter Heat Stress Mitigation: Sponsored by CRACKYL

Friday, April 19
Lucas Oil Stadium, Health & Wellness Studio, Booth 9560
Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death among on-duty firefighters. As protective clothing has become significantly better at sealing out hazardous chemicals, it has become much better at sealing in heat, exacerbating the extreme thermoregulatory challenges firefighters face on the job. One study found that 75% of firefighters experience heat-related illness (HRI) symptoms annually, and 5% experience HRI 20 times or more per year. Yet, cooling strategies have not kept up with the rising risk of thermal stress. Decades of research have demonstrated that one of the most effective methods of cooling the human body is via glabrous tissue found on the palms, soles of the feet, and cheeks. Known as palm cooling, this technique can modernize incident rehab protocols, improve firefighter work capacity on incidents and in academy training, and accelerate strength gains in the gym. In this presentation, you will gain an understanding of the: *Misconceptions around the body's thermoregulations mechanisms *Advantages and disadvantages of various cooling methods *Science of palm cooling *Key research on palm cooling *Parameters for effective palm cooling *Protocols for heat stress mitigation and training performance