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FireNuggets Presents: A Tribute to Lt. Andrew Fredericks Life: Legacies of a Loss

Friday, April 19
Lucas Oil Stadium, Central Park, Booth 9022
For those who never had the pleasure of meeting or hearing of Andy's work, know this: Andy was a nationally recognized; a gifted instructor and author who made a tremendous impact in the fire service. As Andy's dear friend Mark Wesseldine, FDNY (ret.), said, 'Andy did not preach New York City, he preached what worked.' There is no doubt that through his teaching, Andy saved many firefighter and civilian lives and continues to do so. Andy has countless disciples, a number of whom continue to carry his message forward. Most importantly, Andy was a kind and humorous man, a friend to many, and a devoted husband and father who has left a legacy for his ambassadors to carry on. Andy left us with a wealth of knowledge. He touched many of us across the country through his articles, hands-on training, lectures, and videos. His no-nonsense, back-to-basics approach to combating today's complicated and dangerous fires brought with it a strong following. The firefighters who were blessed to witness his instruction have an obligation to carry on his work with a renewed commitment.Andy's passion for his work as an author, educator, instructor, and trainer resulted in improvements in fireground operational efficiency and safety. These improvements have no doubt saved the lives of civilians as well as firefighters. This is his legacy to all of us. For those of us in the fire service, he is a shining example of dedication, character, professionalism and love for mankind.Please join Andy's Ambassadors for a discussion about how Andy's legacy has impacted today's fire service.