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West Virginia Univerity and FDIC Present: Hybrids, EVs and AFVs - Keeping First Responders Safe

Thursday, April 18
Lucas Oil Stadium, Rescue Zone, Booth 9522
This 1 hour lesson will cover the key topics of Recognize/Identify, Immobilize, and Disable as it relates to Hybrid, Electric, and Alternative Fuel Vehicles (propane, CNG, hydrogen, etc.).' Key strategic and tactical components necessary for a successful outcome on incidents involving these types of vehicles will be addressed using a demo cut-away vehicle for reference.' Our team of SMEs will provide technical information that will dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about responses involving these vehicles.' Our team will demonstrate techniques that help keep you and your responders safe.' Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:' battery systems; battery disabling; weight differentials; fire attack; byproducts of combustion; towing & recovery; and post-incident follow-up.''