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Frank Leto

Frank Leto

Captain, Fire Department of New York
United States
FRANK LETO is a 30-year veteran of and captain in the Fire Department of New York. He is the acting director of the department's Counseling Service Unit (FDNY CSU), responsible for the management and administration of the CSU and the director of the Peer Outreach Program, the 24-hour crisis hotline and mental health education for uniform members. He became associated with the CSU more than 15 years ago as a crisis counselor for traumatic events such as line-of-duty deaths and mass-casualty events. On September 11, 2001, he was an officer in charge of a search and rescue team at the World Trade Center site. Since then, he has continued to develop innovative outreach and education programs for firefighters and their families who have experienced emotional trauma. He has brought his expertise to numerous areas outside of New York, such as Northern Ireland, the Gulf Region post-hurricanes, and Charleston, South Carolina and Orlando.