About FDIC International

The FDIC "Experience" is hard to convey via mere statistics, percentages and words.  You'll hear many of our past attendees talk about the "hallway conversations," "life-long friendships," and the power of this event to "recharge the passion."  Of course, the quality of our world-class instructors, classrooms, workshops, H.O.T. evolutions and exhibits play a major role in the decision to attend FDIC International.  Simply, there is no other event like FDIC International and to experience it, you'll simply have to attend.

Here are a few highlights of FDIC Int'l 2017...

• 798 exhibitors were present at FDIC International 2017

• 33,979 attendees were present at FDIC International 2017

• 1,550 international attendees from 58 countries were present at FDIC International 2017

• 94% of 2017 attendees state that they want to attend FDIC International 2018

• 89% of attendees state that they have or will make a purchase from a FDIC International exhibitor

• 94% of attendees rated the quality of exhibiting companies as “good/excellent”

• 98% of attendees rated the registration fee “fair to excellent” for the value and personal benefit

• 97% of exhibitors rated the floor traffic as “average to excellent”

• 79% of exhibitors stated they received/expect over six sales leads generated directly from this event. 54% stated they received more than twelve sales leads

• 96.3% of exhibitors stated they will exhibit at FDIC International 2018


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Future FDIC Dates:

April 8-13, 2019
April 20-25, 2020
April 19-24, 2021
April 25-30, 2022
April 24-29, 2023