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"Honorable but Broken" Documentary Screening & Panel Discussion

Wednesday, April 17th  |  Indiana Convention Center, Room 101-102

6:00 PM – 7:15 PM:  Documentary Screening

7:15 PM – 8:00 PM:  Panel Discussion

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Honorable but Broken is a gritty tribute to the EMS professionals who come to our aid in our worst moments. Although they respond to all medical emergencies and provide a myriad of other transport services, from nursing homes to hospitals, for example, EMS are only reimbursed if they transport patients to a hospital. They are underpaid, underappreciated and largely non-unionized. Coupled with tremendous physical and psychological trauma inherent to the job, poverty wages have triggered a crippling workforce shortage. This, in turn, affects treatment and could have life or death consequences for patients. 

The film puts a human face on this crisis, centering the story on a young EMT named John Mondello who committed suicide largely due to job-related PTSD, and explains how his experiences are far from unique. It looks at the history of modern EMS and how the reimbursement model is irrelevant to today’s reality. Interviews with EMTs and paramedics highlight the pros and cons of working in EMS. New York is analyzed as an example of a very siloed and dysfunctional system but it is easy to draw parallels with other states and the National Association of EMTs, hospital physicians and politicians offer their ideas for solving this crisis. 

Honorable but Broken has won several film festival awards, was screened in Congress in November 2023 and is being used as an advocacy tool for EMS agencies and organizations across the country seeking to educate their state legislators.

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Learn More About the Production Team: 

Bryony Gilbey


Bryony is a freelance Writer/Director/Producer. Prior to 'Honorable But Broken' her documentary work includes 'Hey Boo', a PBS American Masters celebration of Harper Lee, as well as numerous documentaries for The Discovery Channel, Discovery Health and A&E. She also worked on segments for 60 Minutes, CBS News in New York and London. She has three children, one of whom is a Paramedic and two who are volunteer EMTs. 

Rich Diefenbach


Rich is an Emmy and Big W Award winning producer. He has worked for ABC News/CBS News/Fox News Channel as a Senior Producer, Assignment Desk Manager, Deputy Bureau Chief of CBS Los Angeles, CBS Campaign Coverage and ABC Control Room Manager. 

Paul Pepe, MD, MPH

Consulting Producer

Dr. Pepe is a life-long academician, public health and public safety leader and a longstanding governmental public servant who has pioneered many multi-disciplinary advances in critical care, emergency services and disaster medicine over the past four decades. He has received many awards, including an award for lifetime achievements from the American College of Emergency Physicians.