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The FDIC International team strives to create an experience that is cleaner and more sustainable from start to finish. Our mission is to impact change through our conference programming as well as our event planning processes and onsite practices wherever possible. Our team and our vendors are committed to mitigating environmental impacts and supporting social change whenever and wherever we hold FDIC International today and in the future. 


The Expo Group has provided helpful tips in the Exhibitor Manual for exhibitors to make more sustainable options. Some ideas include: using sign material that has been made from recycled materials, utilizing QR codes rather than printed literature, make sure booth staff is committed to recycling properly post show, etc.


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We’ve worked closely with The Expo Group to have environmentally friendly carpet options available to exhibitors at no additional cost. These carpet options are available in the Exhibitor Manual.



All lighting throughout the Indiana Convention Center is being converted to LED (75% complete, 100% completion expected by the end of 2024). Additionally, the center is participating in the Thriving Buildings program, administered by the City's Office of Sustainability, to benchmark energy consumption and work on reduction solutions. Lighting, escalators and HVAC are timed with move-in and move-out so that we are not lighting, heating/cooling and running escalators when there are no groups in the building.


IND is the first LEED-certified airport in the U.S. and features the largest airport-based solar farm. Covering 183 acres of airport property, the array can power 3,675 average sized homes for an entire year.


Since 1998 the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium (ICCLOS) has worked with Second Helpings, a food rescue program, to reclaim food after a food function and take it to their kitchens. Local residents, under the supervision of training chefs, participate in a job training program, learning to prepare food donated to homeless shelters and missions. Donations are also often made to local food banks.


The Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium (ICCLOS) recycles approximately 100 tons of aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass and cardboard annually. In addition, the facilities have a program to recycle pallets, paper and cooking oil. Batteries, light bulbs and computers are recycled to local organizations. A cardboard bailer compacts cardboard, making it easier to pick up. A food waste pulper recycles dishwater and condenses waste before going into the landfill.


In an effort to reduce paper and printing of on-site show materials, the FDIC team has removed the show guide and is encouraging the use of our digital mobile app, while The Expo Group has invested in new direct to substrate printers that reduce sq. footage of paper and plastic products used, and are utilizing recycled aluminum in their beMatrix materials.


Clarion has switched our show bag from plastic to a reusable non-woven bag.


Clarion has removed the plastic badge lanyard pouch.


In an effort to save water, the center provides and encourages the use of water stations rather than individual bottles. Sink faucets are sensory guided to use less water. In the public areas of the facility, the toilets have low flow valves with automatic flush. Also, for clean up, all parking lots are swept – not sprayed – saving this valuable resource. Storm water infiltration basins separates storm water from oils and grease before traveling to nearby waterways.

We are also looking at more sustainable options for Hands-on Training and Stair Climb water as well as looking into proper recycling receptacles.