H.O.T. Evolutions - Hands-On Training (H.O.T.) Evolutions at FDIC International are something you must experience to fully appreciate. They cover the latest technology and techniques in the fire service, instructed by key players within the industry.
Pre-Conference Workshops - Feature both 4-hour and 8-hour formats that provide an indepth look at specific topics, covering new areas ofinterest within the fire service, as well as traditional training topics.
Course Topics - With so many courses at FDIC International, where do you begin? Start here by viewing all of the course offerings organized by topic, or search for specific Classrooms, Pre-Conference Workshops and Hands-On Training (H.O.T.) Evolutions according to your area of interest.
Classrooms - FDIC International offers more ways than ever to learn the latest tactics, techniques and technologies designed to take your knowledge to the next level.