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Impact EMS Training

NEW this year, we're excited to offer two 8-hour workshops on Tuesday, April 16 hosted by Impact EMS Training (formerly IA MED), during which you can earn CEUs:

Pre-Flight Medical Provider Workshop

This workshop from Impact EMS Training (formerly IA MED) will combine the Flight Medical Provider didactic learning along with a skills session with hands-on stations to include escharotomy, ultrasound guided IV placement, video intubation, ventilator management, surgical crics, finger thoracotomies, and more. This one-day FMP+ course is designed to join online education with in-person skills knowledge.

This workshop is for medical providers that aspire to:

  • Pass the FP-C®, CFRN®, CTRN®, or CCP-C® exams

  • Learn the core concepts of critical care

  • Advance their clinical competency

  • Improve their pathophysiological comprehension

  • Understand the “why” behind complex medical concepts

  • Recertify their certifications and advance their medical knowledge

You’ll receive:


Best part? After completing the Pre-Flight Medical Provider workshop, you can sign up to take the Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C) examination the next day!


K9 Emergency Care Workshop

Do you work closely with Operational K9s and want to increase your medical knowledge if one of them were to require emergency care? Operational K9s are all around us every day working jobs in Law Enforcement, Military, and Search and Rescue. Having an awareness of the differences in treating these K9 patients can make a world of difference in their outcomes. You never know what skills you may need when, having these skills in your back pocket could make the world of difference for an animal. This course from Impact EMS Training (formerly IA MED) is designed to be fun and insightful even if you don't work alongside a furry partner. Sometimes you need a change of pace, and this course will have you performing mucosal assessments and palpating for veins on your animals in no time!

You’ll receive:

  • 8 CEUs | In-person, hands-on lectures and skills

  • 8 CEUs | Online self-paced K9 Emergency Care course - Completion is required to attend the in-person component

  • Downloadable resources